Beginnings are important.

This blog began on an otherwise ordinary Monday night in a friend’s living room in Ottawa, Ontario.  This is significant for two reasons.  First, because said friend has been encouraging me to start a blog for several months, and so her presence at its establishment lent a touch of gold to a moment I suspect would have been relatively dull had I launched it solo.  Second, because the presence of another person on launch day speaks so perfectly to my blog’s title.

Names are important too.

People is place.

Meaning one (the obvious): quirky title for a blog started by someone about to commence several months of travel.  Am in week two of a twelve week leave of absence and have several adventures planned.

Meaning two (dig a little deeper): song off one of my favourite albums so far this year (Little Scream’s “The Golden Record”).  Sharing the importance of music / important music in my life.

Meaning three (let them all the way in): An often needed reminder to me (and perhaps some of my readers?) of the paramount importance of relationships, including the one each of us has with ourselves, to defining place (whether place as time, geography or state of being).

Focus on the obvious (the rest will follow).

Four days from now my younger brother G and I will be on an airplane over the Atlantic.  From June 11 to 26 we will take our first vacation together as adults travelling to Portugal, Spain and Morocco.  He’ll head back home on the 26th, and I’ll then travel solo for two weeks in the South of France.  My solo plans at present include a few days wandering where the wind blows me, and then a week and half WWOOFing on a farm near Aix-en-Provence (if you don’t know what WWOOFing is, look it up.  Hard to explain.)

My month in Europe will be followed by other adventures.  A five day bike tour from Ottawa to Quebec City.  A visit with my family in Ecuador that has been far too long coming (last trip was in 1997).

Reflecting briefly on meaning three, expect my summer of travel will also include several journeys not geographic in nature.

Why document all this with a blog?  Number of reasons.  First, a few folks have asked me to share travel stories and this seems a rather practical means of doing so.  Second, I appreciate the fact that unlike constant facebook updates clogging up everyone’s newsfeeds, people can choose whether or not they want to devote precious inteweb time to my blog posts.  Most important, however, is my hope that this blog will provide me with a platform for staying connected with those who are emotionally part of my place, but who may not be physically near me as I undertake this journey.  People is place.