I won’t say I didn’t enjoy my first 24-hours in Lisbon solo. In fact, I didn’t even feel all that alone given I accidentally arrived on the eve of one of the biggest festivals of the year.

Still, when G stepped off the airport shuttle in Rossio Square yesterday morning, my Lisbon experience got that much better. Partly cause he’s my little bro and I was happy to see he made it through the passport mess up okay, but also cause I had spent the previous 24-hours falling in love with Lisbon and like a child with a new toy wanted to show it to someone.

The people are friendly, the vibe is laid back, and the sights / experiences . . . for lack of a better word: cool. Tram 28 is like riding an old school wooden roller coaster through the city. You feel like a local sipping a shot of cherry liqueur in the middle of the street mid-day. Eventually, the smell of BBQd sardines even starts to grow on you.

With just nine hours left in Lisbon before we hop a bus for Tarifa, Spain, will stop there and close with my favourite pic so far.