So, this post was supposed to start with my first video . . . but apparently I need a youtube account to post a video. Did make several attempts at creating one, but the interweb is not cooperating : ( If anyone has any tips, please send my way.

The video was of my bike ride through the country side surrounding Alres this afternoon. At the point I was recording it, was a bit lost. I did eventually figure out where I was, but then proceeded to get lost again as I made my way back to Arles. Saw some brilliant scenery along the way though, so decided not to care that cycle route #3 through the Camargue is supposed to take two hours and not three : )

Bike ride included, have to say I’ve really enjoyed my time in Arles. Lots to see and do, and yummy food to boot. As I write this am sat on the patio of “La Mule Blanche” having just finished this delicious salad.

This after a guided tour of Arles where I learned that in addition to its aesthetic value, another likely reason why Van Gogh used so much yellow is because it was one of the less expensive colours of paint available at the time. Tour also included lots of local history, and since I’m a nerdy nerd I gobbled this up. I learned that the amphitheatre (where I took the pic below from yesterday) was at one point filled with houses that were bought up and torn down when restoration began in the nineteenth century. At least I think it was the nineteenth. The tour was in French and I can’t say as I ever completely mastered my French numbers : )

Numbers aside, am proud to report I’ve been so far rather successful in my attempts at communicating in French. Bolstered by this success, I even bought a French book from this great book store I came across yesterday.

Not surprisingly, it’s a book about cycling : )

I paid way too much for it, especially considering how much the original English goes for, but I am about fifty pages away from being finished the second of two books I brought with me and was feeling slightly panicked about not having anything to read. Yes, seriously. Nerdy nerd strikes again : )

As wonderful as my time in Arles has been, am excited to hop on a train bound for Aix-en-Province tomorrow and begin my introduction to organic farming. Though I am not sure if my WWOOF hosts have wifi, so it could be a while until I can let you all know what kind of farmer I make . . . any predictions? I’ll be checking for comments / emails before I leave tomorrow.

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