Wake up to the sound of birds chirping outside your window.

Pass away the morning playing in the dirt, aka weeding the garden.

Share in making and eating a yummy lunch with host family featuring vegetables from the garden. Mmm.

Help with lunch clean up (only fair since your only contribution to lunch was the salad), and then spend some time planning weekend in Avignon on the one three patios, all with amazing views.

Suspect there may be an hour or two more garden work in my future, once it’s cooled down a bit outside, though given hosts have plans this evening, perhaps not. Either way, looking forward to a night in town where I am hoping to find (a) some delicious provencial eats and (b) some live music (have several venues scoped out).

Does part of me wish I were in Canada wearing red and gearing up for fireworks? Of course. But France isn’t too shabby either.

Happy Canada Day from Aix!

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