I took a Me Day today.  Spent it mostly alone doing exactly.what.I.wanted.to.do.

Slept in (well, until 8:45 am, which other than on random, awesome days, is about as late as my body generally allows me to sleep), did a bunch of nothing for around an hour, made breakfast wraps for my friend A and I, and then did more nothing.

Am trying to get back into running, so at around 11:30 am dragged my lazy slow to get started self out to Jacques Cartier Park to attempt a few K’s.  Almost melted in the 30 plus weather, but definitely felt some improvement over my Thursday afternoon run so was glad I went.  Plus how can a run with this view not be at least somewhat enjoyable?


My only commitment for the day was a 2 pm hair appointment.  Strategically scheduled because I’m going to a wedding tomorrow and the “I’ve been too busy traveling to maintain my hair for the last 3 months” ‘do I’ve been rocking of late is not wedding appropriate.  Plus, my stylist straightens my hair after she cuts it, and freshly pressed hair v tends to get more compliments than curly haire v (to the point where, were I not way too lazy busy, I would straighten it all the time).

Sufficiently relaxed post hair-cut (my stylist gives the best scalp massages), decided to devote the rest of the afternoon to shopping.  Spent way too much money.  Transition to having mortgage payments again soon (12 days!) is not going well.

Feeling a bit nauseaus over how much money I spent, decided on dinner in.  Toast and avocado.  Shamelessly one of my favourite meals on the planet.

Ended the day with a Movie by Myself.  One of my favourite recent discoveries.  I first tried this on my 29th birthday.  That was the year I decided I was too young to be a workaholic and rebelled against this fate by taking off my personal day for the first time since becoming a full-time government employee three years earlier.  It was a day not unlike today, just sub the hair cut with a facial.  Bliss.

Since then I’ve made a habit of having Movie by Myself days / nights every once in a while.  If you haven’t tried this, take it from me, it’s awesome.  You’re guaranteed to get both arm rests, and if you make sure to find a seat with no one in front of you, you can get really comfy.  Plus, movie choice is entirely yours.

Tonight I went for Midnight in Paris at the Bytowne Cinema.  This may be the first Woody Allen film I’ve ever liked.  Not that I’ve seen many.  When you have to force yourself to get through one of his classics like Annie Hall, it doesn’t inspire you to see many others.  Felt the same about Match Point.  Small Time Crooks was a bit better, but still didn’t see what the big deal was.

Tonight, I finally got it.  Despite containing an element of the fantastic (most easily described as time travel), this movie was just so . . . real.  Characters talked and acted the way real people talk and act.  They said and behaved in awkward ways that sometimes got a laugh, but were sometimes just there because that’s what someone would probably say or do in that moment.  The notion that Mr. Allen really gets the human condition finally rang true for me.

And the story worked too.  Maybe it’s just where I am in life right now, but I really connected with the “desire to live in another era as a manifestation of dissatisfaction with the present” storyline.  Not unlike my desire to check out and wander around inside my own head for a day, I suppose.

Not to say I’m dissatisfied with my life in general.  I’m actually happier than I’ve been in a long time.  It’s just that the closer I get to moving day the more I realize just how ready I am to move on from my current nomadic existence.  Did I mention only 12 days to go!?