Am half way through a bottle of wine right now. Given my POV that, much like drinking and texting, blogging and alcohol make bad playmates, am gonna play it safe with a (mostly) wordless post : )

Got my keys to the new place on Thursday eve. First look out of my new living room window = rainbow. Good sign, me thinks.

New building has a Bridgehead (Starbucks-like coffee house with a bigger emphasis on fair trade, for my non-Ottawa based readers) in it. Made my day to get this pretty design in my first non-fat vanilla latte there Friday morning. Especially given I was there at 7 am in order to be ready for the movers who started at 8 am.

So much to unpack. It’s Saturday night as I type this and I am still probably only about half way done.

Happy moment – finding the bar box!

New bar.

First meal cooked at new place. Grilled vegetable spinach salad with a white wine and mustard dressing. Yum!

First drunk at new place (well, on my way to it, that is) courtesy of Frog Pond (one of the few certified organic wine makers in Ontario).

All this to say, moving into my new place is going well so far : )

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