Went for a bike ride with my friend M this afternoon. Superb for the following reasons (yup, another list!):

5) It started with a present! My first house warming gift. I can be hard to buy for (to the point where I don’t bother with hints, I just say tell family members what I want) so was incredibly touched that she picked out such a perfect cadeau. One of those “I’m the kind of friend that pays attention when you say you like stuff” kind of gifts. Can’t wait to sample the following new members of my condiment collection : )

4) It was my first ride since my Ottawa to Quebec City cycling trip at the end of July. After such a long riding break getting back in the saddle felt amazing.

3) Just before heading out got treated to a random bag piper sighting (hearing?).

2) I dropped my gloves before we left and they were not only still there when we got back, but a new neighbour told me where to find them! New building = safe and friendly. Bonus.

1) Getting to read M’s account of our ride. OMG, it’s hi-larious. Check it out here.

Was a great break from the never ending unpacking going on at chez moi right now. I just counted and I still have 27 boxes left to unpack. 27! How is that possible after three days of moving in? Well, perhaps less surprising if you consider I’ve yet to unpack a single book or CD. That’s probably at least 20 boxes right there : )

And just realized tomorrow will be my first Monday morning that doesn’t start with me picking my clothes out of a suitcase in 3.5 months! May have to celebrate with a latte at Bridgehead . . .

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