Busy week. Seems I’ve had nary an unproductive moment since arriving back in Ottawa Monday evening. Just desserts after a lovely, laid back Thanksgiving weekend in Toronto, I suppose.

Not to knock my weekend accomplishments, but baking pies with my Mom, getting Suzie Blue tuned up and soaking up some much needed family time are all too fun to fall under the umbrella of productivity.

Yes, I did say pies. As in plural. Great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

First the big grocery shop for ingredients.

Then the mixing, rolling and crushing (extra props for use of a 1960s hand mixer and a hammer, no?)

Finally, the showing off of results. Maple Nut Tart, Pumpkin Ice Box Pie and savory Tomato-Zuccni-Basil Pie (vegetarian entree for family Thanksgiving dinner).

Mmm, pie porn ; )

Oh, and can’t forget cute shot of the proud chefs : )

Got back to Ottawa around 7:30 Monday eve. Time since then has flown by. Laundry, groceries, getting pants hemmed. First massage in way too many months. Bills. Job hunting. Keeping in touch (emails, texting, blog reading). Finally starting to post some summer of travel pics on Facebook.

And now, getting ready to do it all again. Headed to a show tomorrow night (Dan Mangan, very excited!) and then up and on the road back to T.O. Saturday by 8 am to attend my good friend K’s baby shower.

Am exhausted. But happy. So very happy to finally feel like I’m settling into a normal life again. My new normal, I suppose. Bliss.

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