Stars are aligning.  Good things.  Happening.  Golden moments abound.

When did it begin?

Was it last Friday when my friend M dropped me off from work and we had this great, five minute car ride long talk about growth?  How after months, and months of hard effin work on you, your relationships and how you tackle the tough, you find yourself in this place of honestly that leaves you so grounded you can almost feel it when you are in the presence of someone who isn’t. even. close. to being there?  And you wonder if people used to feel that way around you?  But then you realize how few people are themselves grounded enough to sense that.  And you feel blessed, and proud of yourself, for having gotten there.

Or was it Saturday morning when I and a couple of others cooked breakfast for our friends LB and MP, took turns cuddling their beautiful newborn babies, and felt the warm glow of their contentment wash over us?

Maybe Sunday.  Finally finding the five minute route to the river from my new place.  Beautiful morning run.

No, definitely Monday.  A visit from S all the way from Southwestern Ontario.  A smile of happiness because good things don’t have to make sense.

Beginnings are important.  Fact I can’t pinpoint when the good began — important.

Tuesday.  Validation from my good friend N.  Another out of town guest who made me glow with a thoughtful housewarming gift and her excitement over my new place.


A perfect parting.

A reconnecting.

An opportunity.

Feeling so lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life.

Stars are aligning.  I am aligning.  It has begun.