I love recommending stuff.  And getting other peoples’ recommendations.  Especially things of the hidden gem variety.  Makes me feel all part of a secret club or something.  I even slip in subtle recommendations in unexpected places.  Like my title.  Those of you who are as dorky well versed in films as me might recognize the sword line from The Princess Bride, one of my fav all time pics.  If you have never seen this, get thee to a video store (real or virtual) stat!  Your welcome 🙂

So, since deciding to breathe some new life into this blog in September (transitioning it from a travel blog to an ongoing narrative about yours truly) I have been ever so slowly adding other people’s blogs to my reading list.  Trying to grow my circle of interweb friends without over committing and having way too much to read every time I log in.  But lately I’ve hit a wall.  Both ‘cus a couple of blogs I’ve tried to follow have reached their follower limit (!), such as this one, and ‘cus I am too lazy busy to search for blogs that I identify with enough to read on a regular basis.

I need help.
(She needs help.)
Whose help do I need?
(I dunno, what do you think?)
Your help!
(Yeh, okay, thought she might be going there, but you never know and you don’t want to assume.)
(No, assuming is never good.  No good can come of assuming.)
(True, true).

Yup, me and the narrators with funny accents (What, you didn’t pick up on the accents? Weirdo.) agree.  Some assistance is needed.

So please, dear reader, use the comments section, message me, or if you’re a non-virtual friend send me an email or a fb message, with links to blogs you like.  Better yet, blogs you think I’d like.  Maybe yours if I’m not already following?

Lest you think this is a one way exchange, here are my offerings to you:
– Really great food blog: Smitten Kitchen
– Some great blogs written by a couple of non-virtual friends: K,who likes to write about getting back to the land when he’s happy, and rant about things that go against his back to the land POVwhen he’s ragey, and M, who writes (incredibly well, I might add) about all kinds of stuff both funny and touching.

Thanks in advance!