I haven’t felt much like blogging lately. Primarily cus every idea I’ve had for a post woulda made me sound either whiny or sad. And in the spirit of optimism, was hopeful those feelings would dissipate before I committed them to the virtual record.

I’m sure I’ll do a post about the stuff that was bothering me eventually. All three issues are ongoing challenges I am slowly working my way through, and I will no doubt want to share my insights / ask for advice eventually.

But right now I’m feeling more positive than I have in a few days, so am gonna ignore the tough stuff for a bit and instead post about things that are bringing me le happiness right now.

I love, adore, delight in stationary. Unique cards, fancy paper, cute stickers and stamps = giant doses of joy for me. I bought this card while shopping in my new neighborhood yesterday afternoon. It so perfectly encapsulates me right now. Planning to frame it and hang it in my new place.

Not surprisingly given my love of stationary, I also love snail mail. Spent part of this afternoon getting a few items ready to post. Which made me think about the fact that it’s almost Christmas card season. Can’t wait for all the love in envelopes to start flowing.

My Josh Lyman reference last post planted the seed that grew into my decision to re-watch the West Wing. Started season 1 this weekend. Half an episode in and I was already remembering why I loved it so much. Such great story telling.

The last thing that filled up my positive tank this weekend I don’t have a picture of. Actually, it would take more than one picture. Was fortunate enough to have some lovely visits with several good friends this weekend. Got to do some shopping, share some good conversation over yummy food, and cuddle two adorable babies. How could I not feel buckets of le happiness after that?

“She took a deep breath, declared her heart free, and thanked herself for being so patient with it.”

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