Dating in your 30s.  It has some pluses.  You know yourself better, know what you’re looking for better, and as a result of these two things can be way more confident in your exchanges with potential partners.

There is, however, one major drawback: far fewer potential partners.  Almost everyone I know is in a relationship.  Almost everyone they know is in a relationship.  And while I know it’s illogical given I am now myself a part of this group, there are often good reasons why those that aren’t in relationships are single.

So, where’s a single 31-year-old gal to go to find a bigger pool of single men in my age bracket?  As in so many dilemmas I’ve faced of late, I turned to the interweb.  Yup, online dating.  Where singles go when they want to stop having great conversations with really cute people while wondering if their hair looks weird today and thinking about how the person they’re talking to smells really good . . . only to realize ten minutes into the conversation that said person just threw in a “we” into the mix.

A demonstration:

– v: I’m really looking forward to the Feist concert.  The NAC’s not my favourite venue ‘cus it’s kinda stuffy, but she’s just so good live I’m sure it’ll still be awesome.

– cute guy: yeh, it should be amazing.  we’ve been looking forward to it for a while now.

– v: yeh, me too.  so, uh, does your partner work for the government too?

So, I signed up for a dating site a few weeks ago.  And in quick succession almost everyone of my worst case scenarios came true.  I had someone I thought was interested in me delete his profile out of nowhere, was ignored by a couple of men I thought I’d really get along with in real life, and was called a really heinous name by an jerk I had the good instincts to back away from.  The temptation to delete my profile and admit there were just some things the interweb wasn’t good for was immense.

And then tonight I went on my first online date.  And it was good.  And we talked until the coffee shop closed.  And we have plans to go out again this weekend.  Faith in the interweb restored.  Faith in ability to date in my 30s, improving.