Winter in Ottawa can be harsh.  I will never forget the first time I discovered that there exists a cold so cold that even the hairs inside your nose freeze.  It was during my first winter here (one of the harshest I’ve experienced since moving to Ottawa . . . though perhaps everyone thinks that about their first winter here?), and I recall thinking that perhaps becoming one of the many who didn’t make it past the first year of Carleton’s journalism program wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if it meant I could go back to the mild winters of Toronto.  Where a girl can wear her chucks on all but the snowiest of winter days.

Well, I made it to the second year, then the third and fourth, and next thing you know I was applying to grad school, finding a job and am now in the midst of my 13th winter here.  I still don’t like it when my nose hairs freeze, but somewhere along the way I have to admit, I sortof fell in love with Ottawa winters.  This is because I figured out the silver lining.  It’s over 7 km long, slippery when frozen, sparkles like a jewel on a sunny day, and is best enjoyed with hot chocolate.  Skating on the Rideau Canal is hands down one of my favourite things about my adopted city.  It, along with other winter sports like snowshoeing and skiing, are what make up for the frozen nose hairs, the wind chapped skin and the fact that I now sport winter boots rated for -40 C on all but the warmest of winter days.

Knowing this about me, you can perhaps understand how I reacted to the fact that on the walk from my bus stop into work this morning, the sidewalks were muddier than they were snowy, and my feet were getting warm in my boots.  In a word: boo.

So, what’s a girl to do?  How do I conquer my winter blahs?  (Being bummed about the fact that it just doesn’t seem wintery enough counts as winter blahs, right?  Well, I say it does).

I decided to start with picking out a new wake up track.  Something to help me start my day off on a positive note tomorrow morning.

In honour of his nifty approach to his next album (10 songs in 10 weeks, read about it here), decided to go with Joel Plaskett’s “A Million Dollars.”

I know, not all of the lyrics quite make sense first thing in the morning; but it’s a great, upbeat tune, and I’m optimistic it stands a decent chance against the blahs.

We look like a million dollars / Every time they look at us, we’ll blow their mind

Take that, non-winter.