i think i’m finally hitting my stride with my “what’s now” resolution.  with not obsessing over what’s to come.  and letting myself really live in the moment.

a few experiences i really felt as they happened this past week:

* sounds silly, but got new glasses last week and resisted the urge to pick frames that will “work for a couple of years,” or “transition well from work to weekend,” and instead just got the fun, funky ones that felt right when i tried them on in the store.  what do you think?  they have sort of a 50s vibe that i like.

* ignored my to do list.  took friday off and had a bunch of things to get done before heading out of town for the weekend.  then late thursday night when i looked inside myself i connected with the idea that what i really needed to find some peace was to sleep-in and go to the gym.  may have also spent a good chunk of time sitting around in my pyjamas staring out the window 🙂  left town three hours later than planned . . . though three times happier, as well.

* did not for a minute let myself feel “off-track” compared to the 12 friends (all couples) and four babies (recent additions to three of the couples’ families) i spent the weekend in tremblant with.  instead soaked up the happy moments (snowy slopes, restorative hot tub soaks, snuggles with a.dorable babies) and took away an even stronger resolve to just be patient.  i’ll get there someday, and if it turns out to be even half as fun / scary / awesome as it looks to be from the outside, it’ll be well worth the wait. in the meantime, i’ll keep concentrating on enjoying the now.  seems to be working for me.