There are times when a song enters your life at just the right moment.Its lyrics feel as though they were written just for you.  Its tone is in perfect sync with your mood.  You step, step to its rhythm so naturally it feels like you are the main character in the movie that it is the soundtrack for.

So in tune with this piece of audible art do you feel that you find yourself, at least momentarily, believing in things like fate.  And signs.  You are part of something bigger.  The universe is on your side.

I experienced one such golden moment last weekend.  In the middle of an already lovely night out with some dear friends at the Blacksheep in Wakefield, Quebec, opener Chris Velan sang me these lyrics from his 2009 track “a year can change a lot” and my spine literally tingled.

You’re worried ‘bout the end
But you’re missing all the plot
One moment you are freezing
And the next you are red hot
A year can change a lot

The differences between my life now and a year ago are massive.  From where I live to where I work to my relationships . . . with others, and with myself.  My recent success in learning to focus on what’s now (the plot).  My growing clarity over what matters.  And what doesn’t.

Did the universe send me this song to remind me to celebrate how far I’ve come?  To connect with the optimism I’ve been feeling lately about where I’m going?  About how what’s happening this week, day, minute, second is all part of the exciting narrative that is my life?

Or, was I already feeling those things on some level.  Leaving me open to hearing the meaning in these lyrics?

Maybe it’s a bit of both?  Maybe the golden moments comes our way when we need them and our job is to recognize them.  To be open to them.

While you’re thinking about that, check out Chris’ singing the soundtrack to my life right now here.