D is for . . . Dentist.

After weeks of popping ibuprofen like candy, got fitted for a new night guard today. Take that unbelievable jaw pain caused by my (stress induced) night time teeth clenching.

D is for . . . Divorce.

After 16 months of legal separation, took a post-dentist field trip to the Court House today to finally file my application for divorce. Waiting was the right call. Endings are important.

D is for . . . Decision.

After days, nay weeks, of working my way through boat loads of honesty with myself, made a game changing decision today. Not ready to share details yet, but will soon, I promise. Right now all I can say is that I am feeling so. incredibly. proud. of myself for finally being in a place where I know with absolute certainty what it is that I want.

Seriously, I rock right now 🙂

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