The laying on of hands.
The physical transfer of energy from one human being
To another.

Whether as an act of simple affection or,
In the hot heat of desire.

Something we all need.

Far from familial affection.
I revel in
Too infrequent offerings.
From a friend or,
A professional paid to lay hands on me.
Occasional date.

But still I long for
Something deeper.
For someone to
Crawl into my bed and,
Wrap his arms around me and,
Play with my hair.

Whisper sweet words in my ear.

Something we all need.

Postscript A rare poem. Inspired by the recent beautiful experience I had trying out a new form of massage therapy (craniosacral) to deal with my (still kicking around) jaw / facial pain. The massage helped immensely. Sounds ridiculously granola to say this, but I literally felt the negative energy being drawn from me. After, I compared it to how I imagined I would feel after an hour-long hug, which got me thinking about touch, real touch, and how I miss it. Have missed it for far too long. I have faith I will find it again. In the interim, may need to consider upping the frequency of my current offerings 🙂

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