Thanks to all for the helpful feedback on my last post about being stuck in “just friends” mode with boys.

I got everything from “you should give online dating another try” (no thanks) to “in the 21st century men don’t ask women out anymore, you have to take the reigns” (wtf is that? wanted: man not afraid to take a risk) to “don’t wait for him to give signals, if you like him, flirt early and often.”

I like this last piece of advice best.

Was thinking about it last night and, being a pretty visual person who likes to make sense of the order of things (aka a giant nerd) ended up drawing this.

I call it v’s dating decision tree.

I would say that in the past I have (a) not been giving enough green lights, and (b) even if I gave them, I was flirting, but not with intention. Not with the expectation that he would flirt back and that this might lead to me realizing he’s interested. And to someone asking the other person out. Not just to hang out. But on a date. With more flirting. And maybe even some making out.

So, new challenge.

Time to start flirting with intention.

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