the Ottawa Race Weekend 10 km run i’ve been training for these past many weeks is tomorrow night.

i’ll be driving from Toronto (where i’ve spent the past week starting to get things ready for my upcoming move here) to Ottawa tonight to run in it.

a little over three months ago when i decided to make this race my fitness goal, i could barely run 5 km without feeling it the next day.

last saturday i ran 13 km, the longest of all my training runs, and was able to recover with relative ease.

i’m not gonna lie.

i’m still not 100 % confident i’ll meet my original goal of finishing the race in under an hour.

but over or under, i know i will be happy with my result.

amazed by it really.

it will remind me once again the incredible beauty and power that rests in our ability to manipulate the human body.

to train it, work it, strengthen it, revive it back into what it once was.

or, better yet, into more than you dreamed it could be.

i’ve not reached the “more than” stage yet.

in fact, while my fitness level is back on track, i’ve still got about ten pounds to loose before my body will be back to what i consider healthy-for-me shape.

but, having reached all of my goals or not, i still feel tomorrow’s run is a milestone worth marking.

a celebration of the progress me and this body of mine have realized so far.

what better way to celebrate than a dance party?

soundtrack? body work.  morgan page featuring tegan and sara.

check it out.  dance about.  work it.