thrilled to be able to say i now have my first 10 km race under my belt. woot!

i had many things flittering through my mind as i ran today, including the beginnings of a list (of course.  my love of lists knows no bounds. for serious).

for anyone thinking of attempting a 10 km, or tackling another big fitness goal, hope you find my wisdomosity helpful 🙂

v’s top 5 lessons from her first 10 km race

5) set a goal. and don’t be afraid to be ambitious.

i came just shy of meeting my target time of under an hour. i know why i missed it. my training was a bit less than perfect given the distraction of my recent game changing decision to move to Toronto.

but trust me when i say that i ran that much harder near the finish today simply because i wanted to at least come close.

result: 1 hour, 3 min and 39 seconds. not bad at all 🙂  and i, for one, would much rather come just shy of an ambitious goal than way ahead of an easy one.

4) keep it fun.

you shouldn’t have to spend a ton to get in shape, but you won’t regret buying those pink socks during your NYC trip with your mom simply so that on race day your socks match your shoes. buying matching pink nail polish: also acceptable 🙂

3) music matters.

had a great playlist on my shuffle to keep me motivated. fact that i listened to the same songs during the last ten weeks of run training was key. they were emblazoned on my psyche. sub-consciously associated with pushing my limits. when i hear k-os sing about being born to run, i run.

2) share.

tell people what you’re doing. post about it on your blog / facebook / twitter. tell your family, friends and co-workers.

i call it the shame factor (not wanting to fail publicly) but the truth is that when you share, chances are no one is actually going to shame you. they will, however, help you renew your focus when you’re struggling, and join your dance party when you’re succeeding.

1) celebrate.

i almost didn’t pick up my participant medal. i thought: one more thing to pack when i move to Toronto. but then i thought: cheesy or not, i earned this. i may not keep it forever, but for now it’s an important symbol of my success. totally hanging it up in my cube at work this week!

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