Sunday afternoon.

Convoy leaves Ottawa.

Me in a 16′ moving truck filled with all my worldly goods. My Mom in my car, Lexi.

Destination: Toronto.

Sunday evening.

Convoy pulls off the 401 at the exit leading to my hood. It is only as I spot the familiar sign that it finally hits me.

Holy eff. I really did it. I left my Ottawa govie job to move back to Toronto.

Truck filled with joyful yelling. No regrets.

Sunday night.

My worldly goods strewn around my folks’ place.

Unpacking can wait. Time for some welcome home pics


Unpacking. Merging my household into my parents’

Realizing I like putting things together way more than I like taking them apart.

Missing (e.g. having my own kitchen), but also finding more (e.g. now I have “room mates” to bake for!)


Hanging out with my brother, G.

Euro Cup, bit of tennis and dinner out.

Sharing a pitcher of white cucumber Sangria.

Remembering this is why I moved home.

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