Two weeks ago today I crossed the finish line of a journey begun a little over three months ago when I made my Game Changing Decision to move back to Toronto to be near my family again.

As I drove my rental truck through the familiar residential streets towards my folks’ place I felt . . .




Like a world of possibilities lay before me.

This positive energy has stayed with me as I’ve begun to settle into my new life in Toronto. Has fueled me as I’ve made the living with intention decisions to:

Get a one-year gym membership.

Send a volunteer request to an organization that provides mentoring to young women.

Get my Dad to commit to going on a trip with me (we leave in a week, trip details to follow!).

And, I’ve decided to a cleanse.

This 3-day juice cleanse to be specific.


Two intentions.

First, I want to try to transfer this fresh start energy I’ve been rockin’ emotionally and psychologically to my physical self.

To press a restart button internally by detoxifying my digestive system.

Second, I want to initiate a fresh start in terms of my eating habits.

I confess to having fallen into some fairly unhealthy eating patterns in the weeks leading up to my move (there’s a reason moving is on that list of life’s most stressful situations!)

I’m hoping that by slowly transitioning from too many goodbye and welcome home dinners and drinks to a raw juice diet I’ll re-awake my body and mind to the world of possibilities offered by healthier eating.

Like these delicious salads I made today.

Today was day 1 of my pre-cleanse.

The cleanse proper starts Wednesday.

In the coming days I’ll be blogging and tweeting (@missv234) my progress.

‘Cus I think some of my readers might enjoy hearing about it.

And ‘cus I’m hoping it’ll help distract me from the hunger pains I’m told will hit me pretty hard once I start juicing 🙂

Wish me luck!

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