I start juicing tomorrow.

Three fruit juices.

Two green juices.

One nut milk.

And that’s it.

For the next three days straight . . . provided I make it that far.

Actually, am feeling pretty confident that I will.

These past three days of following the pre-cleanse meal plan have gone really well.

Well, other than the caffeine withdrawal. Oh, how I miss my morning cup of black gold!

But otherwise the slow process of cutting out toxins (like processed foods and caffeine), eliminating hard to digest foods (like pretty much anything that was cooked by today, which was day 3 of my pre-cleanse) and reducing my overall food intake has gone pretty smoothly.

Today I ate completely raw and didn’t find it at all challenging.

Helps that the recipes in the book I’m using to guide my cleanse are magically delicious.

This gazpacho I made today was a big highlight. Mmm, so good!

So, yes, I expect existing on nothing but juices tomorrow will feel like a giant leap from today’s yumminess.

But it’s just for three days.

Oh, and then there’s the three day post-cleanse . . .

But then . . . New York City!

That’s where my Dad and I are headed for our first ever father-daughter trip next Tuesday.

Yup, I did just go there with my Mom in April.

But there’s always more to see in NYC.

Plus, I’m just happy we agreed on somewhere we both wanna go (two strong willed people traveling together — should be entertaining!)

So in moments of hunger over the next three days I’m going to tell myself that if I can make it through the cleanse without cheating, I’ll let myself splurge on something special in NYC.

Shoes? Jewelry?

I’ll have lots of time to think about it while NOT thinking about feeling hungry 🙂


A, you asked for the Lentil Salad recipe from my last post. I’m too lazy to type it out so here’s pics of the recipe from the book. Enjoy!

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