Well, I survived. First juice cleanse officially in the bag. Whoohoo!

I’ll do a listy-list post on my lessons learned later this weekend.

For now I’ll just say that as much as I didn’t find subsisting off of juice for 3 days all that hard, when you add in the 3 day pre- and 3 day post-cleanse meal plans wherein you slowly eliminate and then reintroduce solid food . . . that’s way too long a stretch of not being able to choose your own food (and of not having coffee!)

For example today I’ll be eating roughly the following:

Breakfast: Peaches

Lunch: Gazpacho

Snack: Bananas

Dinner: Grapefruit Avocado Salad

I realize to some this raw meal plan may still sound kindof drastic.

But to a girl who drank her meals for the last 3 days? Trust me when I say that that salad sounds almost like a sinful dessert I’m craving it so bad!

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