It’s been a while since I’ve written about important music / the importance of music in my life.

Not since this February post in worship of Chris Velan’s amazing track “a year can change a lot.”

That song was the soundtrack to my life that month.  I spent hours listening to it on repeat.  Days pondering lyrics like these ones:

Cause lately I’ve been thinking
You’re going the wrong way
Going the wrong way
You’re not where you expected
The dreams you collected
Might cost more than you can pay

To think that about a month and half after that post I made my Game Changing Decision to say goodbye to my life in Ottawa and seek my fortune in my home town of Toronto in order to be closer to my family . . . the power of music.

So, here I am.  End of September.  Three months after arriving home in T.O.  At the end of my summer of retirement.  At the beginning of my job hunt.  Feeling empowered by new realizations around doing what you love and loving yourself.

What am I listening to these days?

The current soundtrack to my life is a song not new to me but, thanks to recent revelations, one I’ve found myself listening to with new ears lately: 

All the flowers fade
And all the stars pale
As this bitter beauty
Grabs you by the tail
How long will you hesitate?
Half way up the trail
Yes, it’s dark in the trees
And some wounds never heal

And you’re dreamin’
With eyes wide open
Your heart has spoken
For the first time

Readers, am delighted to share Jason Collett’s amazing track “bitter beauty” with you.

Right now I am particularly in love with the acoustic version from his 2010 album “pony tricks.”

Click here to listen.  

Awesome, isn’t it?
Dreaming with eyes wide open.

So me right now.