I’ve spent quite of bit of time over the last few days thinking about what I wanted to say at the close of 2012.

A year I began with this post resolving to make it my year of living in the moment.

My year of challenging myself to stop anxiously obsessing over  “what’s next,” and start learning how to rest comfortably in the beauty of “what’s now.”

That this effort has been a startling success is clear.

In tapping into now, I have gained unbelievable insights into myself and my relationships, have stumbled upon the importance of doing what I love, and loving myself, and have used all of this wisdom to start making decisions about what I want next with much more clarity and far less anxiety.

So where do I go from here?  What resolution shall I give myself as I face the newness of 2013?

I have written often of the importance of beginnings and endings.  Of names.  Of living with intention.

And so as I’ve pondered this end of 2012 post over the past few days, I have been frustrated by my inability to find a way to  close my year of “what’s now,” and launch the year of “?” that is to come.

Then I received this “fortune” in my Yogi Tea this afternoon:

“Love what is ahead by loving what has come before.”


And I realized.

My year of “what’s now” may be over.  But my life of “what’s now” has just begun.

I don’t need a new resolution for 2013.  Not of the personal growth variety, at least.  Cause I’m kinda kicking a** in that category right now.

So 2013, you don’t get a resolution.  But I will give you this.

You will be the year I keep doing what’s been working.

You will be my year of love.

Happy New Year, dear readers.

I wish you clarity as you ponder your own endings and beginnings.