Sometimes I do it to celebrate.

Sometimes to break free of a funky mood.

Sometimes for no other reason than that a great track comes on the radio providing me with a good excuse to shake it like a poloraid picture in the privacy of my own home . . .

Kitchen dance parties.  (Living room for those less enamoured with cooking).

The great equalizer among us.

No matter how cool you are.  How collected.  Bet you 20 bucks you’ve still had one or two in your day.

Sure, some of you need a glass of wine or two in your system to get started.

Others require the coaxing of a friend or partner.

But once you get going . . . it’s like nobody before has ever danced with such abandon.

That was me today.  Around 5:00 pm.  When the details of my afternoon finally set in.

I got a job offer today, y’all.

A really great one.

And then.

Kitchen Dance Party!

(Click here for today’s track).