A week, y’all.

Just one week to go before I start my new job, thereby drawing to a close this period of in betweeness that I have been dwelling in since moving from Ottawa to Toronto at the end of June in pursuit of my #freshstart.

I thought about writing some sort of retrospective on the last seven months of what I have jokingly referred to as my “practice retirement.”  Some sort of look back at what I’ve gained from it. Perhaps a list of lessons learned. Or advice for anyone contemplating their own #freshstart.

But then I thought to myself, “Self, writing that kind of post is not really how you want to spend one of your remaining hours of retirement, is it?” And my self answered, “Word.”  So I’m not gonna do that. ‘Cus I got a week to go and I want to spend it doing what I want to do.

So what are my plans?

Well, in contrast to the last several months during which I committed to staying still as I made a 9 to 5 of my job search and, due to my dwindling savings, spent a lot of nights curled up in my favourite snuggling blanket watching movies, I plan to spend my last week of in betweenness getting back in touch with my nomadic side.

As a proud Canadian who loves to travel I’ve always felt a bit lame admitting I’ve never been further west than Winnipeg. So I’m super excited to share that I’m about to cross the Canadian West Coast off of my travel wish list. That’s right, my friends.  Tomorrow as the sun sets upon Toronto I’ll be hanging at YYZ getting ready to a board a plane going . . . here!

200551068-001Lucky me has some friends who moved to Vancouver a few months ago and were kind enough to say “yes” when I messaged asking if they’d be willing to host me on my last adventure before the end of my practice retirement.

I’m beyond thrilled that of I’ll be spending the next five days (a) traveling, (b) with friends, and (c) not sitting at home over thinking my transition back to work.

‘Cus as much as I appreciate all of the insight I’ve gained into myself and my ability to own my happiness over the last seven months, I really think there are some things you just need to experience before investing too much emotional energy in them.

A new job definitely qualifies. It’s gonna be what it’s gonna be and sitting around wondering what to expect is a bit of a waste of time.  (Though for the record, I think it’s gonna be kinda awesome).

So instead I’m off to discover Vancouver. Best decision ever? Well, not quite on the level of deciding I was ready for a #freshstart almost ten months ago, but pretty close 🙂