I had my first day of work in a little more than seven months today.

As I rode the subway home tonight, my mind filled with all of the things I might share about today in the “first day” blog post I found myself starting to write in my head: The experience of commuting to work by subway for the first time ever in life, for one. Or a list of my favourite things about my new job, for another.

But the thing is, compared to everything else that happened today (and there was a lot of good stuff, yay!), there’s one thing that stands out so much it sorta leaves anything else I might write about looking pretty lame in comparison.

My new boss wasn’t in the office today but sent me some background reading and a couple of videos to help me learn about the organization’s / his values. One of them left me speechless.

It so perfectly encapsulates so much of what I’ve been working through and blogging about in the past year that as I watched it I found myself shaking my head in disbelief as an immense feeling of gratitude washed over me for the fact that I now find myself working for someone who would send me this video on my first day.

I won’t say more about the video other than to strongly recommend you click on the link below and watch it. It’s about 20 minutes, but it’s worth every minute out of your day (well, the first few minutes are a bit slow, but by the end it will blow you away,  I promise).

Why watch it?  Well, as much as I hope you’ll see what I mean about how well it speaks to the journey I’ve been sharing with you in recent months, even more than that I hope it helps you with your own journey. That it helps you open yourself up to the power of vulnerability.

To watch Brené Brown’s Ted Talk on vulnerability, CLICK HERE.