I started house hunting in early fall. Before I’d even started my job hunt.

My thinking at the time was that I should start looking as a way of getting to know the Toronto market.

It was a good call.

I learned what I could afford without going outside of my comfort zone budget wise. Prepared myself for the fact that I would likely have to spend drastically beyond my comfort zone in order to find a house that would meet my needs. I even found a place that I could see myself in once I was ready to buy (i.e. employed again).

Then I shelved my hunt from November to January as I turned my intentions toward finding a job.

Now, two weeks into my new gig, the hunt is back on.

In fact, I think I’ve found a place.

It’s in a great location, gives me that “I want to live here” feeling, and, while it’ll be a stretch, I think I can swing it financially (so long as I find a roommate, something I want to do anyway because living alone in a big house is not super appealing to me).


I’m hesitating.


Well, the best I can explain it is to say that idealistic, romantic me would really rather the next house I buy be one I pick out with the guy I’m going to live in it with. As in the guy I’m going to build a life in it with.

So, what to do?

Buying a condo isn’t an option. I’m not prepared to put my money into a place without a yard. I like nature far too much to be content with a balcony as my only ready access to the outdoors.

I could try to find a rental with some outdoor space. But I hate the idea of paying someone else’s mortgage instead of my own.

Decisions, decisions . . .