Two weeks from now, I will have been 33 for two whole days already.

I will have been living in my new apartment for four.

I will have finished unpacking (or at least mostly finished!), and will have decided whether my new sun room or my new living room will be my new favourite place to snuggle up with a good book.

I will be thinking about my plans for the weekend.

About whether to spend my Saturday walking to one of my favourite yoga centres for a vinyasa class followed by a green juice, or visiting a neighbourhood cafe for a cup of tea after a stroll in High Park.

I hope I will be making plans with my friend NE, who will by then be living just a 30 minute walk from me.

And with my bros, who will both also be easier to connect with.

I will probably be missing my folks a little, as happy as I will be to have reclaimed my independence.

And by probably I mean definitely. And by a little I mean tons.

Two weeks from now everything will be different.

But when is it ever not?