So this happened today:


IMG_5934IMG_5942That would be my bike looking like a murder scene after I got intimate with some pavement on my way into work this morning.

And that’s nothing compared to what I left on the corner of College and Dundas West.

(Dear squeamish readers: So sorry. Btw, you might want to stop reading here).

When neither water nor leaves (yeh I don’t know what made me try that either?!) would stop the bleeding, I resorted to taking my towel out of my backpack to stem the flow.

IMG_5938This would be me chillin’ in the emergency room at my local hospital for four hours after I walked my bike home and traded it in for my car (look at me acting all smart in a crisis . . . self high five!)

The knee scrape in the pic was the least of it.

Toronto Cyclist + Street Car Tracks + Light Drizzle = 10 CM Gash Along the Back of my Left Elbow + 14 Stitches (12 on the outside, 2 on the inside, according to the kind doc who sewed me up).

Can’t type much right now (can’t do much but sit and heal right now, actually) so I’ll close this post with one more pic. My tea fortune this afternoon:

IMG_5947It could have been so. much. worse.

Feeling so blessed to have come out of this with only a minor injury.

Feeling so loved by my family who have already been offering to come help me take care of myself as I heal (I’m a lefty who now has limited use of my left arm . . . eating has already proven challenging. What happens when I need to wash my hair?!)

And . . . feeling like a real Torontonian just shy of a year after my move here!

This city is now literally in my blood!

(Squeamish peeps, you were warned!)

ps: Yes, I am also in pain. And I know it will hurt even more tomorrow when the swelling and bruising sets in. And pretty soon I am going to start feeling really bummed about not being able to bike, do yoga, play tennis . . . or wash my hair for the next little while. But for now, choosing to focus on the positive 🙂