Long bike rides on country roads.

City walks to nowhere.

Driving on one lane highways with an open road before me and a blue sky above me. “Simple” by the The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir blasting from my speakers.



Hiking in it.

Paddling through it.

Waking up to its symphony after a night spent burrowed in a sleeping bag. A thin layer of tent cloth the only thing separating me and the early morning scent of dew dampened tree trunks.

Chopping fruits and vegetables.

Shovelling snow.

Getting lost in the meditative state of repetitive tasks.



Random, wild decisions that throw routine out on its head.


On and off the mat.

Being in the moment.

Physically. Spiritually. Mentally. Emotionally.

Setting intentions.

Letting go of outcome.

Reading books that help me to advance my personal growth.



To my blogging community.

To my friends who share my love of snail mail. Taking the time to let letters take shape slowly, with intention, as I carefully consider each word before lowering my pen to commit it permanently to the page.



From Chopin’s piano music playing softly on my stereo as I lie quietly upon my living room floor, letting each note greet me with its own unique dance upon my skin, to the pulsing beat of a live rock show that embraces me in a never to be repeated moment of creative brilliance.

Kitchen dance parties for one. Cheesy pop music blaring from my stereo.

Hot cups of tea.

Tea fortunes.

Sharing pretty pictures of my favourite #teafortunes on social media.



A healing massage.

A deep hug from a friend or family member.

Giving and receiving affection with someone who makes my heartbeat quicken.

Building community.

A sense of belonging.

The pleasure of knowing I helped make someone else’s day better.

Deep, meaningful connections. With people who are not afraid to just be. To see each other honestly, vulnerably . . . with all of our strengths and scars.

Making lists like this one.


I started seeing a naturopath the week of my bike injury (see my last post).

It was a decision that stemmed from having recognized that I had hit a wall in my healing and wellness journey.

I had done a really great job of getting inside my head and reducing my over-analytical (and incredibly judgemental) mind’s influence on my actions.

Achieved a high degree of clarity over the need to navigate my life with my spirit. To let myself be guided by the compass of “doing what I love.”

But I was continuing to struggle with a few lingering physical and emotional issues. And given my deepening appreciation for the body-mind-emotion-spirit connection, I wanted guidance from someone operating from a holistic perspective.

At a recent appointment my naturopath suggested I make a list of things that make me feel . . . “re-energized” was the word he used.

He also challenged me to come up with my own word for this feeling.

So this is my first attempt.

It’s not exhaustive.

And I purposefully left out things I do to soothe myself that are harmful to me, or that, in the long run, fail to achieve a lasting re-energizing effect.

But it’s a start.

And it helped me to identify my word for what I seek through these actions.


They help me to reclaim my balance.

Because a clear mind and directed spirit can not be fully clear or as well directed as I’d like to think if they are attempting to balance out a heavily guarded heart and constantly injured body.